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Showing off my Map of Tasmania – Day 1

20170414_093116 (533x800)

Tasmanian devils meet you at Hobart Airport

Apologies to Amanda Palmer, however this song has been stuck in my head since I saw her in Melbourne. And was even more so on our Easter tour of Tasmania.

Over the Easter break, which for my US friends is a lovely time where even though only 8% of Australians are weekly churchgoers, Good Friday and Eastern Monday are a highly important weekend for getaways and travel.

We started with a relatively early morning flight to Hobart, where we picked up the car. After realising that the airport was not really close to Hobart proper that we would drive to the Forestier Peninsula.

After a stop for a coffee and chili hot chocolate from cubed Espresso trailer,  we were off to the Tessalated pavement!  The geeky chemist in me was fascinated to see this real-life phenomena where the erosion happens in very regular squares.  This also was a great view of the pure blue waters that we saw throughout our Tasmanian weekend.

20170414_110703 (800x450)

Tessellated Pavement

Next up was trying to figure out what might be open on Good Friday for lunch. After trying a couple of the cafes in Pirate’s Bay with no luck, we traveled on to Tasman Arch and Devil’s Kitchen. About 3 steps from where you park your car, is the Tasman Arch.  It is hard to see the scale from any picture, but always amazing to see what nature can carve out through persistence.

20170414_115413 (800x450)

Tasman Arch

20170414_114059 (450x800)

Devil’s Kitchen

After a nice hike around, you can also see the Devil’s Kitchen. Pictures do not give the depth of this crevasse justice. The noise of the waves crashing even from so high above on the viewing platform was loud and powerful. And it was a nice quick walk to see these two fascinating sites.

Now, it was time to find something open for lunch in earnest.  We saw the signs for Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed on the road to Pirate’s Bay in Dunalley and they advertised being open, so that was the choice.

The good thing was that it was an amazing choice.  The inside was pretty booked up, so we opted to sit outside on the patio with a fantastic view of Dunalley Bay and the surrounding landscape.  The nice thing was that we had warmer jackets in the car.  And lesson learned for Tasmania is that you should always have  a warmer and rainproof jacket in the car.    The raw oysters and wine selection were wonderful.  Earl enjoyed a more hearty lamb pie.

20170414_124251 (800x450)

Is this real life?  Fresh raw oysters with an amazing view

After having full stomachs, warm hearts and definitely amazed eyes, it was off to navigate to the Salamanca Inn in Hobart.

After so many years as a business traveller, I am a bit of a hotel snob.  I think it was a bit of a stretch to call them “suites”, given that the living room and bed were in full view of each other, however the website does show an accurate description of this layout.  They do have accessible aka close to the bed outlets for devices, comfy beds, decent wi-fi and a totally retro computer.  I sadly didn’t try out the Compaq Presario with the screen that is smaller than my laptop, but it did give me much amusement as so much of my life was paid for by Compaq computers.

20170417_092211 (640x640)

Blast from the past – Compaq Presario! 

And true to form, after flying and traveling aswas noted on many occassions on the RTW trip.  I took a nice 3 hour nap and woke up just in time for dinner.  We had a nice dinner at Irish Murphy’s and then came back to plan for our next day –   Next up, Mount Field!





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