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Top of the World – Tasmania Day 4

On our last day in Tasmania, we were looking for something relatively quick to do before our mid-afternoon flight, so we decided to go up to Mt. Wellington.  There are a number of quick hikes and things that we saw in the guide book.  We packed up all of our stuff and were smart enough to put the jackets on top in the luggage so they would be easy to get out of the car.  Lesson learned – Tasmania can get cold!

After driving to the top, and wondering why in the world anyone would want to bike up any part of Mt. Wellington we made it to the top and to the parking area.  The views were well, AMAZING.  We got a closer look at the organ pipes then pretty much just walked around in awe of the 360 views from the top.

20170417_101225 (800x450)

Organ Pipes

20170417_104431 (800x450)

View of Hobart

20170417_103752 (800x450)

Big Rocks – on top of the world

After walking around for a while on the various small tracks and pondering if the Women’s restroom has some of the best views of Hobart. As we exited the Visitor’s Centre we ran into one of Earl’s co-workers and her mother. Apparently, Tasmania is a very popular Easter public holiday destination.


At the Top – with Earl’s coworker

Then it was time to head back down the mountain and grab lunch at the Elizabeth Street Pier, There were a number of great options, We picked T 42, after some coffees, we enjoyed sitting outside on the patio until the lunch menu started.  Then after some fish and chips it was time to head to the airport and back to Melbourne.

And back to plan some more trips to Tassie, you could definitely spend many weeks checking out the various areas, and picking a different focus each time.   MONA, Bruny Island and Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park are definitely still on the list.


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