About Us

2016 – Settled in Australia

After 2 years of moving from Kansas to Florida then from Florida to Melbourne, Australia we are settling in here in Australia.

Australian Open

Enjoying the Australian Open

The dogs arrived safe and sound from the US and have now forgiven us for the quarantine and all the transitions.

Now we are both enjoying all the things that Melbourne, Victoria and Australia have to offer.

Looking forward to re-activating this blog again with new travel content.


2015 – Year of Transition

Let's go Sporting!

Let’s go Sporting!

Jeanette – Consulting Executive (doesn’t the title sound fancy), still working for Cerner and learning something new and watching old habits die hard everyday.  For the next few months I am working mostly from home (haven’t had to take the dry cleaning in for 2 months!) and driving from Naples to Tampa.

After the years spent on the plane and in airports, it has been a big change to work at home and working with people remotely.  Great chance to make sure that I keep self motivated and busy here in Naples.  Getting excited about a move to Melbourne, Australia in late 2015/early 2016 and to have someone to do my laundry for me again.  (Sorry honey. 🙂 )

Follow me on twitter and instagram @jeanettegtf

Earl – Hmmm…I am in Melbourne missing my wife and pining for her while deciding what gadget I can buy next and becoming obsessed with Aussie footy. (written by wife, since I am sure he forgot his password to WordPress)…we’ll see how long this stays.

2010 – Blog Begins

I live in Kansas, but feel like I am almost never home.  Still believe that there is “No Place Like Home”, but am ready to share my experience of almost 10 years as a traveling consultant, who is burning up those frequent flyer miles to take a 30-day trip around the globe.

Project Manager and self professed gadget freak. I have traveled all over the United States, Canada and the Middle East for work. Lucky to be married to the most supportive and enabling wife ever. Looking forward to our trip around the world and sharing the adventure with everyone.

I think that what will make our blog unique is that most travel blogs are written from one perspective. Ours will have input from us both (for as long as Jeanette gives me permission ;)~

Jeanette Peru

Jeanette at Machu Picchu

Earl with Saddleback

Earl with Saddleback


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