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Sept 29 – Colossus, Pyramids and Sphinxes, Oh My!

We met Ahmed and Dr. Fayed at 8:00 AM, got our bags packed into the car an took off for Memphis, Saqqara (Sakkara), Giza and the Sphinx. We drove to get to Memphis where they have the Colossus of Ramses II. At some point the legs on this massive Colossus were destroyed, so they have … Continue reading

Sept 28 – Egyptian Museum

As many of you know, my husband is an early bird. He is the one up and at work by 7 and even working from home he is usually online by 7:30AM. So after a lot of late wake-ups in Turkey, we set an alarm and got to the Egyptian museum by 8:30 AM, well … Continue reading


What a great past couple of days…We got to Egypt and survived the ride to our hotel. The dinner cruise on the Nile was a great time. Jeanette has already posted about that, so I won’t go into detail, other than to say several people think I was smiling a tad big in the photo … Continue reading

Turkey photos

While in Istanbul, I had limited connectivity. Sorry for the delay in posting the photos. Istanbul was an interesting city. Very complicated. The streets were poorly labeled if at all. Part of what it made it so difficult for me was the fact that Turkish is so different from English that I couldn’t make heads … Continue reading

Sept 27 – Getting to Egypt

Since Earl and I are both paranoid about being late, we planned to leave the hotel at 7:00 AM for our 10:30 flight to Cairo on Turkish Air. We ended up being really early at leaving by 6:30 AM and the traffic to the airport was VERY light at 6:30 AM. The traffic from the … Continue reading

Sept 26 – Planning and Laundry

Today was a sleeping in day, as we hadn’t had much planned and had done pretty much everything we wanted in Istanbul, so we thought we would just take this day to get some prep work done for the rest of the trip. So, we started with a brunch at “Ranchero”, yes it was a … Continue reading

Will catch up soon

Yesterday was taken up between laundry adventure and getting everything arranged for Turkey after we get back from Cairo.  Today was taken up with getting to Cairo, so blog is a little behind.  Will catch up tomorrow!   Thanks for following!

Sept 25 – Dolmabahce Palace – Istanbul

I think our lesson for other traveling to Istanbul is not to arrive on Friday. Being Sunday, even though things were closed the whole atmosphere was more relaxed and more relaxing. After an interesting omelet for breakfast we took the walk through Macka Park to Dolmabahce Palace. Dolmabahce Palace was the last palace built by … Continue reading

Sept 24 – Istanbul Re-Set

Alarm was set for 8:30,but after some snoozing, we got up about 9:15 and got ready. After the hotel breakfast we took a taxi to the Aya Sofia (aka Hagia Sofia). The Hagia Sofia was indicative of Istanbul, it could never decide to be secular, Christian or Muslim as is indicated by its current state … Continue reading

Sept 23 – Istanbul is Complicated

After arriving at 1:00 AM in Istanbul, we managed to get through passport control and through customs to get to the hotel at about 2:30 AM. After getting a full tour of this hotel room. It deserves its own post, just be warned, it has its own doorbell and steam room. After finally getting to … Continue reading


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