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Living Where Others Vacation – Naples, FL – What to do

Best touristy spots for a Naples newbie or local Continue reading

Living Where Others Vacation – Naples, FL – Vanderbilt Beach

Great places to go around Vanderbilt Beach Continue reading

Living Where Others Vacation – Naples, FL – Lunch

Lunch options for tourists and locals in Naples, Florida, USA Continue reading

Living Where Others Vacation – Naples, FL – Breakfast

When asked about where I moved from in the US, it seems weird to tell people that it was Naples, Florida, since my husband and I were only there for about 18 months and the 2 of us were there for a different 18 months.   We did have a nice time there and having lived … Continue reading

Superior American Technology, aka things I miss

We are 3 months into this life in Australia, the dogs are settled, the beach is nice, work is settling in.   At this point, there are things that I have realised are superior American technology. Granted this is mostly in the things you don’t want to think about area, but I guess that is why … Continue reading

10 things I learned from 1 week in Melbourne

1) Koalas and Kangaroos aren’t just hanging out everywhere, but the spiders are well, pretty big. 2) Work is basically the same, but ordering a sandwich was surprisingly hard. As soon as I walked in last Tuesday, they had a problem for me to go fix and a project that needed my help, so that … Continue reading

So, where did we last leave off?

The blog has been severely neglected after our RTW trip.  This hasn’t meant that we have stopped traveling. Since you last saw the travel adventures of Jeanette and Earl, we have been to Puerto Vallarta, realizing I have some saved blog posts to post 3 years later.  Yippee!! In 2013 – My mother and I … Continue reading

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2013

Or “Not how we thought we would get on the Travel channel”. Earl and I have attended the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in KC now for 3 years.  It surprises me that this is also one of the most popular posts on this blog.  Ugly sweaters are popular I guess.  Operation Breakthrough who is the … Continue reading

2012 in review – Blog slackers

So, Earl and I were slackers on the blog this year, but not slackers in terms of travel. Trips to Mexico, being seen on the Travel Channel’s Christmas Crazier, being contributors to Jenny McIver’s book about Round the World trip planning as well as other business and personal travel as usual.   We also enjoyed going … Continue reading

View from the Plane

I love window seats and I really love checking out the views.  When flying with my sister and my nieces on Monday, I was reminded of the reasons that my Monday morning commute is better than those who are driving to work. Here are some views from the plane:


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