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Living Where Others Vacation – Naples, FL – What to do

Best touristy spots for a Naples newbie or local Continue reading

Living Where Others Vacation – Naples, FL – Vanderbilt Beach

Great places to go around Vanderbilt Beach Continue reading

Living Where Others Vacation – Naples, FL – Lunch

Lunch options for tourists and locals in Naples, Florida, USA Continue reading

Living Where Others Vacation – Naples, FL – Breakfast

When asked about where I moved from in the US, it seems weird to tell people that it was Naples, Florida, since my husband and I were only there for about 18 months and the 2 of us were there for a different 18 months.   We did have a nice time there and having lived … Continue reading

Super Bowl 2012 – My Indianapolis Travel Guide

I spent almost 5 years working with a client in Indianapolis, I saw a game in the RCA Dome, saw Lucas Oil Stadium get built, the RCA dome imploded and am excited to see this city host the Super Bowl. The Colts organization is really truly a first-class organization and there is definitely a lot … Continue reading

Las Vegas – Day 3 & 4

Pool time was the order of business for Days 3 and 4 After having a tasty crepe at Jean-Philippe we met the girls at the pool. Reading my Kindle and watching the fountain was a great way to spend the morning. I drank the full 1.5 liters of water that I bought read and when … Continue reading

Las Vegas – Day 2

Las Vegas Day 2 starts out early, since I pretty much live in the Eastern time zone.  Michelle and I head over to Treasure Island for brunch.  The other gals join us later, and we proceed to eat a nice brunch buffet.  Granted it isn’t the Bellagio, but it will do and we have a … Continue reading

Las Vegas – Day 1

Had a great trip with the girls in Las Vegas. The itinerary included a lot of pool sitting, eating and just plain relaxing. I personally think I spent the most time of anyone asleep in Vegas. Flew out on an early Saturday flight from @KCIAirport with the lovely Michelle. Security was crazy that morning and … Continue reading

Las Vegas – Girls’ Trip Plan

The vacation I wasn’t sure that I could go on is happening. The good news is that I get to go on this girls’ trip to Las Vegas. Eight lovely Kansas City ladies will descend on Las Vegas between Friday and Saturday and be enjoying excitement until Tuesday or Wednesday. So, how did I do … Continue reading


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