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Super Bowl 2012 – My Indianapolis Travel Guide

I spent almost 5 years working with a client in Indianapolis, I saw a game in the RCA Dome, saw Lucas Oil Stadium get built, the RCA dome imploded and am excited to see this city host the Super Bowl. The Colts organization is really truly a first-class organization and there is definitely a lot to keep you entertained and well-fed for the Super Bowl.

Job perk - holding the Lombardi Trophy


49 W Maryland St Ste 189
(317) 974-0400
This is one of my favorite restaurants. Their mushroom soup and Chop-Chop salad are always favorites and their prime rib is always wonderful. The drinks and drink specials are good and unusual, so if you can make it for happy hour, then try one of the many mojito flavors and try the crab dip.

St. Elmo Steak House/Harry and Izzy’s
127 S. Illinois St.
(317) 635-0636
St. Elmo’s is a classic steakhouse with their famous shrimp cocktail. Very spicy and a special secret recipe. Be prepared for its sinus clearing properties. The same shrimp cocktail is served at their “sister”? restaurant Harry and Izzy’s that is right next door.

Mo’s A Place For Steaks
(317) 624-0720
47 S Pennsylvania St Ste 303
This is another great steakhouse, but is better with a larger group as the sides are all shared, so you will want to have 4-6 people so that you can get the variety of the side dishes.

Bazbeaux Pizza
(317) 636-7662
334 Massachusetts Ave
Yummy, the lines at lunch get really long, but it is definitely one of the best places in town for cheap eats.

India Garden Restaurant
(317) 634-6060
207 N Delaware St
Great Indian food buffet for lunch and almost never crowded at dinner. They also have a Broad Ripple location which is excellent as well.

Barcelona Tapas
(317) 638-8272
201 N Delaware St
Right next to India Garden is this great Tapas restaurant. Very good tapas and you should definitely try the red and white sangrias. They usually have a special sangria as well.

Fountain Square:
A little off the beaten path are restaurants near the area called Fountain Square.

Siam Square
(317) 636-8424
936 Virginia Ave
Excellent Thai cuisine with fantastic spices. One of the only places that does justice to Thai “hot” if you ask nicely.

Santorini Greek Kitchen
(317) 917-1117
1417 Prospect St
If you want Greek food, this is place to get it. They also have an unusual wine list and there is no way that you will go away hungry. A lot of food and well, the proprietress is named Jeanette, so I have to love that.

Nicky Blaine’s
(317) 638-5588
20 N Meridian St
If you want a cigar bar and a great martini. Go to Nicky Blaine’s, it is down in the basement so you may have to look twice if you are not sure where you are going. The waitresses and waiters are very knowledgeable and do great recommendations and pairings of cigars and martinis.

Ike and Jonesy’s
(317) 632-4553
17 Jackson Pl
This is a dive bar of all dive bars. If you want to dance to disco, 80s and 90s pop, then head there. The waitresses are excellent and take great care of you, so remember to tip them well.

(317) 423-2400
50 W Washington St
Very cool concept where you grab a card and get tastes, shots or full glasses of wine. Great way to taste a bunch of wines. The appetizers are very good as well, if you don’t want to go somewhere else for dinner.

I have to give a shout out to my home away from home which was the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis. Granted they are probably completely sold out but say hi to the great bell and desk staff and if you get a chance grab breakfast at One South or dinner at the Eagle’s Nest for a great view of downtown.


Soldiers and Sailors Monument

If you get a chance there is a Civil War Museum in the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument. It is well worth a visit if you have about an hour.


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