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Top of the World – Tasmania Day 4

Easter Monday and Mt. Wellington Continue reading

Day Trippin’ – Tasmania Day 3

Day Trip from Tasmania to Cradle Mountain
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Superior American Technology, aka things I miss

We are 3 months into this life in Australia, the dogs are settled, the beach is nice, work is settling in.   At this point, there are things that I have realised are superior American technology. Granted this is mostly in the things you don’t want to think about area, but I guess that is why … Continue reading

View from the Plane

I love window seats and I really love checking out the views.  When flying with my sister and my nieces on Monday, I was reminded of the reasons that my Monday morning commute is better than those who are driving to work. Here are some views from the plane:

Super Bowl 2012 – My Indianapolis Travel Guide

I spent almost 5 years working with a client in Indianapolis, I saw a game in the RCA Dome, saw Lucas Oil Stadium get built, the RCA dome imploded and am excited to see this city host the Super Bowl. The Colts organization is really truly a first-class organization and there is definitely a lot … Continue reading

Hong Kong Photos

Here is the link to the pictures from today’s trek around Hong Kong. Had a fun day with JeAnette’s parents who happened to be in Hong Kong. Hong Kong

Day 3 photos

Here are some of the pictures from Day 3 in Berlin. There are some fun ones, like the ‘City Pisser’ and the wacky flower delivery ‘car’, and the sculpture in front of the Hauptbanhof. There are some that I really like, such as the Victory Column. To get the scoop on all that we did … Continue reading

Business Traveler interview

Why Go Business Travel has a new Interview series for Business Travelers. Lots of interesting content and travel tips. Why Go Business Here is my interview: http://www.businesstravellogue.com/things-to-do/travel-jobs/business-travel-interview-jeanette-anderson.html

Hello world!

Getting ready to get started with this blog before my 30-day Round the World (RTW) adventure. Will get some posts up soon on my travels so far this year since it has been a great one for travel so far.


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