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Oct 9 – Happy Fish, Happy Feet

After being outside in the rain and humidity for the past couple of days in Bangkok, we decided that today would be a day to spend inside in the air-conditioning in the malls. The malls in Bangkok along with a number of the other markets and low prices make Bangkok a shopping destination. As we … Continue reading

Elephant and Tiger adventure photos

Jeanette has already given the details about our elephant and tiger day; I can only add that it was a fantastic adventure! Riding elephants for 2 1/2 hours was exhausting and so very worth it. The tigers were incredible. The bigger ones were so tame and the cubs were so playful. Playing with them and … Continue reading

Oct 8 – Food Tour and Sky Bar

After all of the excitement with the elephants and tigers yesterday, the only things we had planned for today was the Bangkok Food tour and we had arranged a private guide after that until 5PM. So definitely hoping for a more relaxing day. The food tour started at 10 AM and we had a little … Continue reading

Oct 7 – Breakfast with Elephants and Tiger Temple

After a 4:15 AM alarm, we met our driver at about 10 till 5 and started the 3 hour drive to the Elephant Camp. Once we got there, we were fed breakfast and took in the excitement of the camp. The first thing was a ride through the rain forest jungle. As the first tour … Continue reading

Oct 6 – Half-way Round the World

We landed in Bangkok this morning to make if officially half-way around the world. We are fully 12 hours ahead of home in Kansas City. We found a “First Class” line for immigration, only to realize that this was actually a special pass, but she let us through anyway, since there was no one else … Continue reading


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