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RTW by the Numbers

Here are some random stats I collected during our trip: 30 Days 5 Continents 11 Countries 20 Flights 36339 Miles Flown (circumference of Earth is only 25000) 80.6 hours of flying (thankfully alot were at night) 7 Airlines 10 Different types of Aircraft 12 Modes of Transportation (including Elephants and Camels) 10 Hotels 160 miles … Continue reading

Hong Kong Photos

Here is the link to the pictures from today’s trek around Hong Kong. Had a fun day with JeAnette’s parents who happened to be in Hong Kong. Hong Kong

Elephant and Tiger adventure photos

Jeanette has already given the details about our elephant and tiger day; I can only add that it was a fantastic adventure! Riding elephants for 2 1/2 hours was exhausting and so very worth it. The tigers were incredible. The bigger ones were so tame and the cubs were so playful. Playing with them and … Continue reading

I drove in Turkey!

We returned from Cairo with a couple days to spare in Turkey. Jeanette had arranged for us to fly down to Izmir to see some sights nearby. We arrived in Izmir and went to get our rental car. Gotta admit I was a bit apprehensive about driving in Turkey after spending a few days in … Continue reading


What a great past couple of days…We got to Egypt and survived the ride to our hotel. The dinner cruise on the Nile was a great time. Jeanette has already posted about that, so I won’t go into detail, other than to say several people think I was smiling a tad big in the photo … Continue reading

Turkey photos

While in Istanbul, I had limited connectivity. Sorry for the delay in posting the photos. Istanbul was an interesting city. Very complicated. The streets were poorly labeled if at all. Part of what it made it so difficult for me was the fact that Turkish is so different from English that I couldn’t make heads … Continue reading

Berlin Day 4 pictures

Sorry for being a bit late with these pictures. Yesterday was a lazy evening after loads of exploring. We went to Alexanderplatz and saw the World Clock and the TV Tower (the tallest building in Berlin). We stumbled upon the oldest building in Berlin, the nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas Church). We also saw the Burgermeister Residence … Continue reading

Travel without a laptop

So I decided on this trip I would not bring my laptop. I would travel with my iPad only. Has this been a good decision? Well so far I would have to say ‘yes’. To be sure, it has required some creative solutions to accomplishing some tasks, but so far I have been up to … Continue reading

Day 3 photos

Here are some of the pictures from Day 3 in Berlin. There are some fun ones, like the ‘City Pisser’ and the wacky flower delivery ‘car’, and the sculpture in front of the Hauptbanhof. There are some that I really like, such as the Victory Column. To get the scoop on all that we did … Continue reading

Pictures from Day 1

Adding some of the pictures from day 1. Click on the Brandenburg Gate to open Picasa to see the entire album. Berlin


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