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RTW by the Numbers

Here are some random stats I collected during our trip: 30 Days 5 Continents 11 Countries 20 Flights 36339 Miles Flown (circumference of Earth is only 25000) 80.6 hours of flying (thankfully alot were at night) 7 Airlines 10 Different types of Aircraft 12 Modes of Transportation (including Elephants and Camels) 10 Hotels 160 miles … Continue reading

RTW – Packing List (What was in Jeanette’s suitcase?)

I was addicted to the packing lists of others when research the RTW trip and what to take. So here is my packing list for my 30-day RTW (approximately clockwise from top left): 2 khakis – 1 convertible to cropped khakis navy cropped pants 2 t-shirts shorts black tranquilt dress/skirt (mine is from a previous … Continue reading

RTW – Hotel Review

We stayed in 10 different hotels for our Round the World trip. This is the ranking from Best to Worst. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Grand Hyatt Bangkok Hilton Izmir Hilton Berlin Park Hyatt Istanbul, Macka Palas Courtyard Marriott Istanbul Airport Hilton Grand Pyramids Golf Resort Marriott Sydney Circular Quay Hilton Hawaiian Village Conrad Cairo Biggest … Continue reading

Oct 14 – Whale Watching!

Another late wake-up today, the jet lag and just the length of this trip made me want to stay in bed. So Earl went ahead and did the calculations of how many miles we had walked so far. It was almost 140 miles according to the fitbit. We have already flown the distance around the … Continue reading

Oct 13 – Anniversary in Sydney

Earl and I have a history of celebrating our anniversaries on planes. Two years ago we were coming back from Abu Dhabi and this year, we flew into Sydney. Luckily the trip from the airport to the hotel was easy and nothing like the stress when doing the same thing in Hong Kong. After we … Continue reading

Oct 12 – Upper Deck FTW!

After getting our flight changed back to the original itinerary to leave at 12:25 PM instead of 12:10 AM, we were very excited to be able to get a full nights sleep in Hong Kong after our walking tour yesterday. We woke up to a very rainy day, my parents were going with their tour … Continue reading

Oct 11 – Mom and Dad in Hong Kong

One of those strange coincidences put me and my parents in Hong Kong on the same day. When we booked the RTW ticket last November, travel was also on my mother’s mind and she booked a China tour. As we were talking about them both, I asked her what days they were on Hong Kong … Continue reading

Oct 10 – Don’t Lose Mr. Blessing/Mrs. Anderson

Another hotel check-out and taxi ride and we were on our way to Hong Kong. We were the first people in the China Southern line as they opened and we got the full VIP treatment starting from the VIP Immigration line to the checkin at the business class lounge. When we tried to leave this … Continue reading

Oct 9 – Happy Fish, Happy Feet

After being outside in the rain and humidity for the past couple of days in Bangkok, we decided that today would be a day to spend inside in the air-conditioning in the malls. The malls in Bangkok along with a number of the other markets and low prices make Bangkok a shopping destination. As we … Continue reading

Elephant and Tiger adventure photos

Jeanette has already given the details about our elephant and tiger day; I can only add that it was a fantastic adventure! Riding elephants for 2 1/2 hours was exhausting and so very worth it. The tigers were incredible. The bigger ones were so tame and the cubs were so playful. Playing with them and … Continue reading


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