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Oct 10 – Don’t Lose Mr. Blessing/Mrs. Anderson

Another hotel check-out and taxi ride and we were on our way to Hong Kong. We were the first people in the China Southern line as they opened and we got the full VIP treatment starting from the VIP Immigration line to the checkin at the business class lounge. When we tried to leave this lounge to get to our gate early, when we had taken 3 steps in the wrong direction to get a better view of the sign, one of the attendants came all the way out of the desk and outside the lounge and directed us the correct way.

We boarded the plane in our own line as as the plane took off and Earl closed his eyes for departure, the flight attendant literally took the blanket out of its plastic packaging and tucked Earl in for his nap. She also offered to help take off one of the other passengers shoes and change into slippers for this 3 hour flight.

After the flight landed, there was a sign waiting for us as we stepped off the plane. We then had out own personal escort through Immigration, security check and who took us to the lounge. The security team in Guangzhou had to take a look at the $1 manicure set that we got in Bangkok for the nail clippers and confiscated my hand sanitizer (Since heaven forbid, it was attached to my bag and not in the plastic baggie)

Our personal escort then transitioned us to our “smiling ambassadors”, who not only brought us both a coke, but then proceeded to kneel on the floor to pour it for us. They also continually asked to carry our bags for us. Which to Earl’s credit he didn’t do until one forcibly grabbed them from him. Nothing like watching the 100 lbs soaking wet Asian lady drag our carry-ons through the airport while we watch. I have to admit being the independent American girl that does things by herself, I found it way over the top. Even as I got up to get an apple, I had to have one of them hand me the plate and make sure that I got back to my seat so that she could be the only who who made me some tea.

Finally, we decided to leave the lounge and take a look around the airport, we again broke protocol by leaving the lounge early and after taking a 15 min look around the duty free Chinese souvenirs, as soon as I exited the shop, my smiling ambassador took me by the hand and didn’t leave the plane until I was in my seat. (We were still 30 mins before departure and no coach passengers had even boarded).

After being pampered and coddled all day, we then landed in the Hong Kong airport. After a long but pretty quick immigration line we got our tickets on the Airport Express. After that we got our Octopus cards for subway and walked to the Central station. This was a long walk in between these two stations. Then we made our way to Wan Chai station. Once we got to Wan Chai, Earl and I were both pretty hot and it was raining, so as we exited the station we had to get oriented to the streets that we were on and as Hong Kong is a maze of high rises, it was hard to tell where the hotel signs were.

When we were about ready to yell at each other, we saw the small sign for the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong! We got checked in and went straight upstairs to the executive lounge to see the 8 PM light show.


Thank you beer!

After the 15 minute light show, we went to Delaney’s Irish Pub. It was a lot closer and more comfortable walk without dragging our luggage. After continuing to point to our food choices even though the waitress spoke English, we got a Guinness and Kilkenny and some good Irish food. We talked a bit to the guys sitting next to us and tried to buy Delaney and Earl matching shirts. We even had them take one off of the mannequin, because that was the only large they had left.

When back at the hotel, I tracked my parents flight, finished my book and checked on my flight tracker app and saw that the Koren Air flight that we had been originally booked on that left at 12:25 PM was back on the schedule again. Maybe we could get a good night sleep tomorrow night after all. Thank you insomnia!


One thought on “Oct 10 – Don’t Lose Mr. Blessing/Mrs. Anderson

  1. Interesting information about China Southern. I haven’t flown them on previous trips but I’m planning to on the next one. Nice to hear they’re big on service but it sounds a little over the top! And glad you guys enjoyed flying on the upper deck on Korean…it really is fun 🙂

    Posted by Jenny McIver | October 14, 2011, 2:40 PM

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