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Oct 9 – Happy Fish, Happy Feet

After being outside in the rain and humidity for the past couple of days in Bangkok, we decided that today would be a day to spend inside in the air-conditioning in the malls. The malls in Bangkok along with a number of the other markets and low prices make Bangkok a shopping destination. As we looked through the guidebook, we also saw that Siam Paragon Mall had an aquarium called Siam Ocean World, which we could see from our hotel.

So, we started our walk on the elevated sidewalks to Siam Paragon. First stop was the MASSIVE food court. We put some money on the card, but then realized that we would need more cash if both of us wanted to eat and so Earl and I split up. After I got cash, I realized that this was a horribly bad idea once I started to walk around and realized that the food court itself was 8000 square meters! Including a full grocery store which we didn’t even see until we walked through at the end of the day.

Needless to say, it was easy for Earl to spot to blonde girl and luckily we caught up with each other quickly. So, we stopped at one of the restaurants and they quickly went looking for their English menus. Not that it did us much good without ingredients, so we took the best guess for something that looked good.

After we had lunch, we went to the basement for Siam Ocean World, for the extra 200 Baht (About $6.50) we got the Super Package which included a glass bottom boat ride, a Pepsi, popcorn, etc. So, it sounded like a pretty good deal.

Shrimp to feed the fish

Shrimp to feed the fish

As soon as we walked in they had a display of huge Spider crabs, they were amazing. Next we stopped at the glass bottom boat ride. Earl bought shrimp to feed the fish for 100 Baht and basically they just handed him a cup of raw shrimp to hold until we got on the boat while we were standing in line. The huge school of fish that was under the glass bottom boat was very excited about the shrimp and they proceeded to jump and splash us in the boat. So, Earl started throwing them much further away.

Next stop was the “rain forest” where they had piranhas, geckos, snakes, and the huge water rats and otters. The Water Rats (Nutria) were funny to watch as they swam and we went back later to see them feed these huge rats who I think were the inspiration for the ROUS in the Princess Bride. Next to there were exhibits with huge Amazonian fish, Jack Ass penguins (They bray like donkeys), along with a tunnel that walked you under the largest tank that had rays, sharks and many other fish.


ROUS - Water Rat

Once we walked underneath the tunnel we saw the “exhibit” Happy Feet, Happy Fish, this was included in our Super package ticket and I laughed when I saw that we wouldn’t have to go outside of the mall at all to go to the fish spa. We decided that Earl’s feet were a special foreign delicacy since there were a huge number that decided to attach themselves to his feet and ankles.

Happy Fish, Happy Feet

Earl is a foreign delicacy

Not thinking the Georgia Aquarium or the other aquariums in the US will ever offer this service, but after our 10-15 minutes in the fish tank our feet were soft, but pretty tingly. It was almost like the feeling that you get when your foot has fallen asleep and it definitely didn’t tickle as much as I expected for it to.

Since this was pretty much the extent of the museum we went through everything again for the rat and otter feeding, waiting for the penguin feeding and got some more pictures of the sharks from the tunnel and more pictures from the main tanks. The final stop was a 4D experience all about how we should respect the sea life. And not kill country music singing sharks, for just their fins. This was capped by a turtle singing Aretha Franklin, so it sometimes makes you wonder what American culture we export.

The mall itself was the next stop, the mall is organized to have the same types of shops on the same level, so we went up to the recreational section that had exotic cars, sporting goods and all of the audio and stereo equipment that you would ever want. I am glad we don’t have a lot of room in the suitcase, or I think I would’ve had to worry about Earl never leaving that level.

The level above had a huge bookstore and other furniture and home goods. So, we stopped by there and I got a book for myself and a book for my nieces that I know my sister will get back at me once she reads.

Final stop was a bakery to get dessert, since Earl refused to eat the KFC dessert that has corn and ice cream, so we opted for the French Bakery that was one of the many restaurants in the huge food court level. Our final walk was back to the Hyatt and up to executive lounge to get a little more actual dinner food and finish the blogs and pictures for the day.

Tomorrow morning, we say good bye to Bangkok and are off to Hong Kong!


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