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RTW – Packing List (What was in Jeanette’s suitcase?)

I was addicted to the packing lists of others when research the RTW trip and what to take.


Packing for RTW - Irish Setter not included

So here is my packing list for my 30-day RTW (approximately clockwise from top left):

  • 2 khakis – 1 convertible to cropped khakis
  • navy cropped pants
  • 2 t-shirts
  • shorts
  • black tranquilt dress/skirt (mine is from a previous season, but there are similar ones on the site) Bamboo is a great choice for RTW travel!
  • gray leggings to go under the dress/skirt
  • 6 bras
  • 2 Under Armour All Season gear long sleeve shirts
  • white gauze top
  • black tranquilt hoodie
  • gray Zella jacket
  • Scottevest lightweight travel vest
  • Webkinz – Irish setter and Hutto Hippo
  • True Religion jeans
  • Shoes
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • guidebooks
  • 15 pairs underwear
  • 5 tank tops
  • long-sleeve t-shirt and boxers for sleeping

So, during the trip there were some additions and deletions, especially close to the end of the trip when I got really tired of the same clothes.

  • 3 pairs of socks that did not dry after washing in Bangkok
  • Black t-shirt that I added in Bangkok, as it had started to pill after a single wearing
  • Pair of khakis that were tight before left and thought would fit into by the end. (No such luck) – trashed in Sydney


  • teal scarf in Istanbul to use up Euros and to have for Egypt
  • t-shirt from the Tiger Temple – Bangkok
  • black t-shirt – Bangkok
  • Swimsuit – Bangkok (2XL)
  • Australia sweatshirt – cold wind for whale watching – Sydney (Nice catch Jessica)
  • 2 pairs of socks – Sydney
  • Raiatea Long-Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt – Hawaii
  • Havianas flip flops – Hawaii

All of this fit in the Tumi international size carry-on

Laptop backpack packing list to come.


2 thoughts on “RTW – Packing List (What was in Jeanette’s suitcase?)

  1. Didn’t you also buy a sweatshirt in Sydney too – for the whale watching tour? (Sorry, guess I paid too much attention to your travel blog – or I thought you were quizzing us)! šŸ™‚

    Posted by Jessica | October 27, 2011, 10:24 AM

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