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Oct 14 – Whale Watching!

Another late wake-up today, the jet lag and just the length of this trip made me want to stay in bed. So Earl went ahead and did the calculations of how many miles we had walked so far. It was almost 140 miles according to the fitbit. We have already flown the distance around the earth’s equator and in our next flights we will tack on enough to go half way around again. (No wonder I am tired).

We were thinking that today we might try to go to the zoo. We knew we could get some pretty good pictures and views from there as it is across the harbour from us but as we started walking the get to the ferry I got distracted by a sign that said Whale Watching and after looking at the brochure and seeing that the tour started in just over an hour we decided to go for it. I mean, how can you pass up guaranteed whales!

Whale boat

We're going to see whales!

Earl went back to the hotel to grab some heavier clothes and I got some lunch, since I had missed breakfast at the hotel. Once Earl got back, I also got a sweatshirt, since my long sleeve shirt wasn’t going to be warm enough for the boat with the wind.

So, I now look like a tourist, but once we were underway I was VERY glad it kept me warm. (Earl tells me that his big camera is touristy enough for the both of us)

Just as we got outside of the harbour we saw two adult whales! They ended up coming very close to the boat within 25 feet. It is funny to watch the whales as they only really need to some up for air every 8 minutes or so, and can travel pretty decent distances in between. So it was fun to try and see who could see the “blow” , spray from the blowhole first to see where they would come up.

My pictures are not very good, but Earl really got some great ones!



Whale Fluke

Whale Fluke

After the two humpbacks got bored with playing around the boat, we went north and then saw a mom and her calf. The calf actually flipped its whole tail out, but it was so quick no one got a picture, but it was still very cool to see. The boat then stopped in Darling Harbour and we decided that we could go ahead and take that stop and see Chinatown, the Chinese Gardens and Paddy’s Market. The Chinese friendship garden was really quite nice, but didn’t compare to the beauty of the nunnery in Hong Kong.

When we walked to Paddy’s Market, I was glad to find and buy some new socks! The socks that were packed didn’t dry after we washed them in Bangkok, so I ended up throwing about 3 pairs of my socks away.

We then started walking back and found a huge sushi train that was a serve yourself completely. eg. pick your own drinks out of the cooler, Wasabi packets in the middle, then go up to a cashier to pay. This would’ve been a little less frustrating if we had known instead of wondering why the heck we couldn’t get a server. We also realized how spoiled we have been with food prices. Sydney’s food prices are double or triple what we have paid in our other stops for food. We also stopped by a bookstore so that I could get a book for the times that we can’t use electronic devices since I finished my other paper book during an insomnia bout in Hong Kong. A used book in Sydney cost more than I would’ve paid for a new paperback in the states. So, that is my warning to people thinking of moving.

Finally, we are back to the hotel and I am finally caught up on the blog. 🙂 Next step is to pack and get prepared for out 18 hours of flight time tomorrow as we go from Sydney to Seoul to Honolulu.

Aloha, until next time!


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