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Top of the World – Tasmania Day 4

Easter Monday and Mt. Wellington Continue reading

Don’t go Chasin’ Waterfalls, Uphill – Tasmania Day 2

Mt Field and Tasmania Day 2 Continue reading

Showing off my Map of Tasmania – Day 1

Easter Trip to Tasmania – Day 1 Continue reading

Superior American Technology, aka things I miss

We are 3 months into this life in Australia, the dogs are settled, the beach is nice, work is settling in.   At this point, there are things that I have realised are superior American technology. Granted this is mostly in the things you don’t want to think about area, but I guess that is why … Continue reading

10 things I learned from 1 week in Melbourne

1) Koalas and Kangaroos aren’t just hanging out everywhere, but the spiders are well, pretty big. 2) Work is basically the same, but ordering a sandwich was surprisingly hard. As soon as I walked in last Tuesday, they had a problem for me to go fix and a project that needed my help, so that … Continue reading

Oct 14 – Whale Watching!

Another late wake-up today, the jet lag and just the length of this trip made me want to stay in bed. So Earl went ahead and did the calculations of how many miles we had walked so far. It was almost 140 miles according to the fitbit. We have already flown the distance around the … Continue reading

Oct 13 – Anniversary in Sydney

Earl and I have a history of celebrating our anniversaries on planes. Two years ago we were coming back from Abu Dhabi and this year, we flew into Sydney. Luckily the trip from the airport to the hotel was easy and nothing like the stress when doing the same thing in Hong Kong. After we … Continue reading


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