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Oct 13 – Anniversary in Sydney

Earl and I have a history of celebrating our anniversaries on planes. Two years ago we were coming back from Abu Dhabi and this year, we flew into Sydney. Luckily the trip from the airport to the hotel was easy and nothing like the stress when doing the same thing in Hong Kong. After we got checked in, I took a shower and set the alarm for a nap with a 1:15 PM wake-up call. Earl as usual actually got up and got ready after the 1:15 PM wake-up call and went walking around, while I needed another hour to sleep.

After I got up at 2:30, I called Earl’s phone (after I found the number on his iPad) and about at the same time he came right back in the room. I thought he was just being really responsive to my texts, but he hadn’t even looked at them.

Once we both got everything ready we went for a walk, we are staying at Circular Quay which is basically in between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge

On a lark, we checked to see if they had tickets to actually see an opera and they did for the “Merry Widow”. So, we decided to go for it. After our score of the opera tickets we went to the Botanical Garden, which is really more like a public park than a traditional botanical garden. It was a great walk and the weather was beautiful, it is spring in Sydney, so the temperatures were just in the high 60s and low 70s, which was a huge relief after the 80s and 90s that we have been in for the past 3 weeks. (We also got to break out some different shirts. Can’t tell you how much I will like having my huge closet back!)

Opera House and Bridge from Botanical Gardens

View from the Botanical Gardens

We walked to the famous Mrs. Macquarie’s chair and took a lot of pictures on the way, since the northern side of the botanical gardens really has a lot of great vantage points where you can see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House together. We walked around the botanical gardens a little more and then were ready to get dinner. We saw the Customs House Bar and their outdoor seating and ordered from the bar. We got the largest food portions that we have had through all of our trip. To the point where I am sure the waitress wondered what was wrong with the burger and fries that she brought to the table.

After eating we changed (this was easy since we each had 1 choice on what to wear) and watched some Mythbusters on the TV. Right at 6:45 we walked to the opera house. It had certainly gotten cooler as the sun went down and Earl got a coffee as soon as we got to the opera house. (There are actually 3 theaters inside the Opera House building) The opera theater is actually quite intimate with only about 1500 seats.

We really enjoyed the Merry Widow. It is a lyric opera or operetta, so it almost seems more like a musical than a true classical opera.

Opera House at night

Opera House at Night

The singers were fantastic and the plot is really funny! It was still hard not to be distracted by the captioning as it is my own personal failing that I continue to read the opera lyrics even when they are singing in English. After such and exciting day, we got right back to the hotel and crashed, so that we can be ready for another day in Sydney tomorrow.


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