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Oct 12 – Upper Deck FTW!

After getting our flight changed back to the original itinerary to leave at 12:25 PM instead of 12:10 AM, we were very excited to be able to get a full nights sleep in Hong Kong after our walking tour yesterday. We woke up to a very rainy day, my parents were going with their tour group back up to Victoria Peak and I was glad that even though it was overcast that they got good pictures yesterday.

We got breakfast at the hotel, got packed and then decided to go ahead and just take a taxi all the way to the airport after our rainy dragging luggage experience when we arrived. I think we had our favorite taxi driver of the trip so far. He talked to us toward the end. It was also funny to see all the signs for Hong Kong Disneyland, basically they were just the Mickey Mouse ears. 🙂

We got checked in to Korean Air, and got the money and deposits back for all of the mass transit Octopus cards, so then we did a search for some things that we could buy in the Hong Kong airport. After that we got a seat in the Korean Air lounge and waited for our flight. We were very excited to realize that we got to be on the upper deck of the 747-300!

Upper Deck FTW!

Upper Deck FTW!

After a “quick” 3.5 hour flight we landed in Seoul, South Korea and went to find the lounge. It actually took a while to find and it was by far the most crowded airport lounge that we had seen so far. After finding a couple of seats we sat down and got the wi-fi connected. It was luckily catered by the Grand Hyatt Incheon Airport, so the food was excellent. Our flight was delayed about 45 mins because of the Quantas airlines ground crew strike in Sydney, but we boarded and were on the upper deck again. 🙂 Double-bonus.

After getting well fed, Earl got to sleep. I tried to sleep, but ended up watching a couple of movies. I finally got to bed about 3 hours before landing, only to have to get up at 90 mins before landing for breakfast. After breakfast and watching the sun come up we got ready to land in Sydney. It was amazing to see the opera house and the harbor bridge from the airplane!

View from the plane

Harbour Bridge and Opera House from the airplane

Zoomed view

Harbour Bridge and Opera House from airplane Zoomed


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