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Superior American Technology, aka things I miss

We are 3 months into this life in Australia, the dogs are settled, the beach is nice, work is settling in.   At this point, there are things that I have realised are superior American technology. Granted this is mostly in the things you don’t want to think about area, but I guess that is why I really miss it.

 Feminine hygiene – I now completely understand why women import tampons and pads from the US every time they come back. The purported unique Australian technology is well, let’s just say, sub-par.    I discovered a “Chemist” (aka drugstore) that has regular Kotex and Tampax, but nothing like the variety that we have in the US.

Doggie poop bags – Australia is very environmentally conscious in general. As they have a whole presentation when we went to Healesville, that basically is about birds and using toilet paper made from recycled paper. This means that all of the dog poop bags are biodegradable. The joys of biodegradable poop bags is that they are like gremlins, and that you cannot get them wet and they are hard to deal with otherwise.

Velveeta – There is no equivalent processed cheese food. There is also no way to import it as it is a dairy product. Earl did manage to find a recipe for making Velveeta. The prospect of making home-made Velveeta cheese inspires me to laugh every time I think about it.

Ranch dressing – yes, I miss ranch dressing, especially the ranch dressing from Jet’s Pizza. The American grocery store, USA foods sells Hidden Valley Ranch packets. I may even look up and make the Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond’s) ranch dressing and then put it on everything. (Dear Jet’s Pizza— if you are listening please send me a vat of Jet’s Pizza ranch dressing – import regulations be damned)

Pre-sliced hamburger buns – Since I should never really be trusted with knives and especially the serrated bread kind…I really miss pre-sliced hamburger buns. The Australian version has indents like they are pre-sliced…then I try to open them and basically create a level of smushed bread or try to cut a straight line and well…we can just say it does not end up really looking like 2 halves of a bun. More like a blind person tried to cut or pull apart bread while taking it from the mouth of a rabid dog.

Washing maching that doesn’t take 2 hours to wash! – This is one of the craziest things. The washing machine in the house is a front load and very tiny. It also has a timer that says it takes 2 hours to wash a load. I have played with the settings to get it down to 54 minutes. UGH! I miss the 25 minutes that it took to wash half of the clothes.   (And yes, Earl is back to doing laundry, but this is still crazy)

There are many things about Melbourne and Australia that I do really like. The food is fantastic and portion sizes are reasonable, so I actually have lost 5 lbs (2.3 kgs). I do a lot of walking and love the street art. Public transportation is great and driving on the other side of the road is easier than I expected. Weather even though it can really quickly change is mostly in the 60-70s (Fahrenheit), so it is very comfortable walking the dogs in the evening and morning. There is not any snow or ice in Melbourne and no daily summer thunderstorms to help prevent Jake from getting any more white hair.  We get a lot of use out of the deck and spend more time that the beach than I did while living in Florida.

With all of this I just want to leave with one final thing that I miss, which is knowing how to spell.  With the -ers changed to -res, the -s’s changed to -‘s  I am constantly in a state of not knowing how to spell anything.



2 thoughts on “Superior American Technology, aka things I miss

  1. For the bread, try using a chopstick. I haven’t done it on hamburger buns, but do this all the time on English muffins to not tear the bread: hold the bread vertically and insert the chopstick vertically all the way through. Rotate slightly and repeat all the way around, then rest you fingers on the break points and gently pull apart.

    Posted by Kristen | March 6, 2016, 8:59 AM
  2. When we were in England for 8 years, I missed desserts and Crystal light. Sounds weird, but when you need a chocolate brownie and a drink other than soda, liquor or water, the options were lacking! Sounds like you are adjusting very nicely!

    Posted by Allysa Martin | March 5, 2016, 8:34 PM

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