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Travel without a laptop

So I decided on this trip I would not bring my laptop. I would travel with my iPad only. Has this been a good decision? Well so far I would have to say ‘yes’. To be sure, it has required some creative solutions to accomplishing some tasks, but so far I have been up to the challenge.

To me it is amazing that during the day we can be taking countless pictures and have them uploaded and viewable by friends, family, and general readership within a few minutes. Here is one of the drawbacks of traveling with only the iPad – Adobe Photoshop Express won’t open my photos to edit them because they are too big. So that means you see the photos just as I took them. No touch up or color correction for white balance (which many desperately need).

This leads me to the second annoyance of traveling sans laptop – I haven’t yet figured out how to align photos in my posts. Jeanette can move pictures to the left, right and center. I think mine are all on the left. To work around this, and to save media library space, I embed the link to the album on Picasa. This way the page loads faster and we can share many more pictures than if we just used the blog.

Now on to the benefits!
Obviously there is the weight difference. The iPad is ideal for navigating the subway with the maps pre-loaded. As I mentioned above, loading pictures on here just after they were taken so we can view them is a tremendous benefit. Throw in a little wi-fi like we had today when we had dinner at KaDeWe, and it is the ideal travel device.

Mine lives in my Saddleback Leather iPad case. I keep it in the pocket of my ScotteVest. Stays nice and secure and well protected. Check YouTube for the video of Dave tossing his iPad around in the case.


One thought on “Travel without a laptop

  1. I think a better decision would have been to buy a Galaxy S 10.1 Tab instead of the iPad. It’s .2 mm thinner!!! Think of all the extra space.

    Posted by Andy | September 22, 2011, 9:24 PM

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