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Las Vegas – Day 1

Had a great trip with the girls in Las Vegas.

The itinerary included a lot of pool sitting, eating and just plain relaxing. I personally think I spent the most time of anyone asleep in Vegas.

Flew out on an early Saturday flight from @KCIAirport with the lovely Michelle. Security was crazy that morning and I had already boarded the plane (Thank you @SouthwestAir A-List) long before she even checked her bag. No bag check this time for me. I have the quart size baggie down to a science.

After being the 3rd to last person to board the plane, Michelle was on and we were ready to go.
Plane over the mountains

View from the Plane

TRAVEL TIP: Las Vegas is close to the Grand Canyon so look outside the plane and get a great view!

Grand Canyon from Plane

Look out the window - Big Hole in the Ground


We arrived safely in Vegas, quickly got bags and then got into this cab.

Gun Taxi

Taxi Advertising - Picture from Michelle

Rest of the day we checked in to the Flamingo, went through Paris Hotel and Casino, checked out the Sugar Factory and were tempted with the Couture pops; until they were $25

Then I headed to the hotel for a nap, Michelle met up with our ladies at the Bellagio and some other friends in town.

We met up for dinner in a Mexican restaurant that had horrifying service, so we won’t discuss that. But with our entourage complete, we all headed to the mall and loved Sephora and the Bettie Page stores.


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