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Las Vegas – Girls’ Trip Plan

The vacation I wasn’t sure that I could go on is happening. The good news is that I get to go on this girls’ trip to Las Vegas. Eight lovely Kansas City ladies will descend on Las Vegas between Friday and Saturday and be enjoying excitement until Tuesday or Wednesday.

So, how did I do it?

Used a reward ticket from Southwest Airlines for one leg and had to buy the next one. I have to say that I hate how they converted from the old to new frequent flier program, it sucks to have a bunch of “free” tickets that I can’t really use. Huge disadvantage not to be able to just use two and get whatever flight you wanted. 6:30 AM on Saturday flight to Vegas will be brutal and the 6:30 AM flight to get back to KC on Wednesday won’t be much fun either, but if I can do it for work, then I can do it for fun.

Then the search for a hotel. Love Vegas hotels, but they certainly aren’t conducive to using hotel points. Las Vegas Hilton is great, but pretty far away from the Bellagio and the other places the ladies are staying. The Bellagio is great for a planned vacation, but for spontaneous and not being able to use points, I needed to look for cheaper. And well, it’s Vegas, will we be sleeping?

So, the classic Flamingo hotel is the big winner of the hotel search. Close to everything, its a classic and it is affordable.

Flamingo Las Vegas




Now, just to get there…


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