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Nook Color vs. Kindle – Gadget

My husband bought me a Kindle 2 for Christmas in 2009, I have loved it.  The weight saved in the laptop bag has been worth it.

Christmas Kindle

Snuggie and Kindle 2

However, I really wanted to start looking at a different e-reader that was a little more versatile and have been looking at the Nook Color, (maybe because I am a sucker for Angry Birds), but also for pure visual appeal, especially with the ability to have book covers and organize them.

Also wanted the option of getting e-books in some other formats and from my local KC bookstore, Rainy Day books.  This wasn’t an option with Amazon.

So, here is my Nook Color vs. Kindle 2 Pro/Con List Review

Pros: Nook Color

  • Color screen
  • Better Web Navigation
  • Sudoku and Angry Birds
  • Ability to customize screen
  • Ability to load and view pictures
  • No need for a book light
  • Book shelves and views of book covers

Cons: Nook Color

  • Wi-fi Only
  • Shorter battery life
  • Heavier and bulkier
  • Store both on website and on device difficult to navigate
  • Price compared to current Kindle versions (when I got my Kindle the price was actually about the same as the current Nook Color price)

Pros: Kindle 2

  • Battery life
  • Book selection and Bookstore navigation
  • Reading in full sunlight and at pool (with a simple plastic bag cover you can still turn the pages)
  • e-ink screen less eye strain and doesn’t have the keep you awake effect of most computer screens.
  • Light
  • Fits in a medium size purse
  • Huge selection of cases
  • Physical Keyboard

Cons: Kindle 2

  • 3G only – no 3G service from Sprint (like at my sister’s house), then no dice on the downloads (new Kindle 3 has option for 3G + Wireless)
  • No usable web navigation.  Can only really use text based sites.
  • Not well suited for games.
  • Must get a book light for night reading.


2 thoughts on “Nook Color vs. Kindle – Gadget

  1. I have the nook color. Love it! Yes, you do have to be somewhere where there’s wi-fi if you want to use the internet. I love that it’s a mini tablet pc. I can do alot of things on it that I can do on my lap top. But not all. Sometimes I wish there was a button to press to scroll, because the page freezes up (when I’m on facebook). But then I’m glad there are no arrow keys on the sides, because I read that they stop working. I wish the color.came with 3G. Then I really could use it anywhere! Good lick.

    Posted by Karen Thorn | September 5, 2011, 11:45 AM
  2. for the ebook reader, I’m using the IPad (earlier versions) and like using that. I get all my kindle stuff (using a kindle app) and share books with wife (from her account). My sister also recently got a Toshiba pad, but I think she is only using that for games and still is using her Kindle.

    Oh and the IPAD also has a Nook app 🙂

    Posted by Bryan Fliegel | August 22, 2011, 3:24 PM

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