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Never-ending quest for the perfect laptop bag

A lot of friends have recently asked me for luggage recommendations, many are starting jobs where they travel more frequently and some are just curious about packing when your life is on the road. I am a big fan of Tumi. Laptop bag: I am on a perpetual search for a new laptop bag. My husband is never surprised when I answer that I am shopping for a laptop bag on-line. I have a Moonsus laptop bag, Dooney and Bourke tote, Coach “diaper” bag, and lots of random giveaway laptop bag that I have collected throughout the years. I think there may be a Franklin-Covey one back there somewhere and I had at least one more bag until the strap broke. I have looked at the Theresa Kathryn bags, Mobile Edge and back at getting another Coach baby bag, but with all that searching I am back to the Tumi laptop bag. Yes, after all of this searching, I have the ubiquitous business traveler laptop bag. No, we don’t get them handed to us as a right of passage, but I am sure it seems that way.

Tumi Laptop Bag

Tumi Laptop Bag

It is a great bag with good space and good pockets. A lot of places to put things. Front smaller pocket fits the sunglasses and glasses case, along with a small hairbrush, Front larger pocket is the quart size baggie and pens. Inside pocket keeps Kindle, paperback and car charger for my cell phone, laptop pocket keeps laptop and plastic folder for receipts. Back pocket is for magazines and legal pad.

One Day I might go back to the Coach baby bag, or find a magical new bag that is super light, fits everything and maybe even doesn’t look like every other dude in First Class. However, for now my bag that has had the zipper pulls replaced, and has a spot on the handle that the nylon couldn’t handle the sharpness of Irish Setter puppy teeth has a safe place underneath the seat in front of me.


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