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So, where did we last leave off?

The blog has been severely neglected after our RTW trip.  This hasn’t meant that we have stopped traveling.

Since you last saw the travel adventures of Jeanette and Earl, we have been to Puerto Vallarta, realizing I have some saved blog posts to post 3 years later.  Yippee!!

In 2013 – My mother and I went an a cruise to Australia and New Zealand.  Then a great 90th birthday trip for my grandmother in Park City, Utah with almost all of the grandkids and all of her great-grandkids

In 2014 – Earl moved to Florida and I took up running and did trips to Dallas,TX and Asheville, NC for half marathons.  Then the house in Kansas sold and I finally got to Florida to live where other people vacation.   A trip back to Kansas City and Des Moines for the I-35 Challenge (back to back half marathons)  and finishing up with a quiet holiday at home.

In 2015 – We went to Chile and Earl finally got to hit golf balls in South America and I for the first time in my traveling life got “traveler’s tummy”.  We did a Color Run in Chile and toured all around the Vina del Mar and Concon. Lots of animal life on that trip, between penguins, seals, stray dogs and a 2-headed sheep in a museum.

The really exciting news is that with another move in the works… We are moving to Australia.  Yes there is really something to say about a couple with a blog called Not in Kansas blogging from Oz.   #truestory

So, planning to update this blog with those delayed posts and more tips and tricks on business travel, the joys of working from home, what life is like in Florida when people come on their vacations to see you and well, Earl will keep you up to date on how winter is in Australia.    Thanks to dog quarantine, I won’t have to see more than 2 weeks of winter until June of 2016.


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