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Berlin, RTW

We made it to Berlin

Well, 24 hours after we took off on our first flight we are sitting in the Executive Lounge of the Hilton Berlin! The flights were uneventful which is always a good thing. I was a bit worried as we boarded our first plane; an Embraer 175, as my duffel almost wouldn’t fit in the overhead bin. After I cinched down the straps another notch all was good. Glad that leather is so tough. We did have to go through security a second time in Chicago since the international terminal was separate from where we landed. Once aboard the Air France flight we were treated to the best airplane food we have had to date. The lie-flight seats in first class made sleeping a bit easier. I wasn’t a big fan of the Paris airport. Too crowded and hallways were too narrow. Boarding is more like a mad rush than a structured process. Also, the passengers take a more nonchalant approach to the whole stay in your seat with your seatbelt fastened until the plane comes to a complete stop and the captain turns off the seat belt light. By ‘nonchalant’ I mean as soon as the wheels touched the ground one of our co-passengers was up and sorting through the overhead bin! Try that in the States and you will have a ‘friendly’ flight attendant explaining to you the errors of your ways.;)
The flight attendant on our last leg from Paris to Berlin was smitten with my SBL Duffel, raving how beautiful it was and told me not to forget it as she would have it. During the flight she came to ask where my bag was. Just checking on it’s safety I am sure.
Surprisingly we didn’t have to go through passport control here in Berlin. We just deplaned and walked out the door. Thankfully Jeanette was here to guide us on the bus and train so we didn’t get lost at all. We even managed to buy our trip tickets using the kiosk with German screens. Truth be told, we didn’t see the English translation button till we were nary done…oh well.

So to date we have travelled @5000 miles, 7 time zones, 4 flights on 3 different types of aircraft. 0 times lost!!!!!!


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