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Sept 18 – Next landing Berlin!

Since it is hard to tell when one day ends and the next begins, I am just going to start the day with landing in Charles deGaulle in Paris, France.

After a breakfast, where “plain” yogurt had peaches in it and getting about 4 hours of sleep over the Atlantic, we landed in Charles de Gaulle.

We went through passport control and then walked to get to Terminal D to get to our connecting flight to London.  And we got to go through security again.  Pretty normal metal detector and take your liquids out screening, but it was so much faster when people aren’t having to take their shoes off.   Although the French women walk REALLY fast too.  We were walking on the moving sidewalk and the ladies walking beside us, kept getting ahead.

After scouting out a place to sit in the very crowded terminal, we waited in the airport and tried to get the internet and data charges sorted out so that we could check-in with @gowalla.

Charles de Gaulle

Next landing in Berlin

Once we got on the plane the flight attendant gushed over Earl’s Saddleback Leather bag and we thought that Alex would be fascinated to know that their version of first class on this flight, was basically to make the middle seat a tray table.

Arriving in Berlin, we either completely missed passport control, went through the wrong line, or didn’t need to (still not sure which) and we found the bus stop that could take us to Kurt-Shumacher Platz.  We had some fun with the ticket buying kiosk.  My high school German got us through the first part, then we found the English translation. Whew!  We got on bus 128 which only took about 10 mins to get to the U-Bahn Station, we validated the ticket at the U-Bahn station (which I think we were supposed to do on the bus?) then got on a very uncrowded subway car to get to StadtMitte which was the stop close to the Hilton Berlin.  Once we got out of the station, we knew we were close, but after 24 hours of travel, we decided just to ask the server at Starbucks and we were a block away.

We got the executive treatment at the Hilton Berlin and basically had our own personal assistant. After sorting some things out, checking FB and Twitter and seeing that the blog got more than 360 views yesterday (Thank you!! )  when our room still wasn’t ready we decided to go walk around and to find Earl some decongestant, since the executive lounge host searched for us to find an apothecary (pharmacy) that wasn’t open to the public at the time

Concert Hall

Concert Hall

So after we walked we realized that the map that was printed was garbage, but that we were right at the right street and Earl was able to get the decongestant.  Then we headed off to see the Brandenburg gate.  We took some pictures with my point and shoot, saw the Reichstag and walked back.

Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburg Gate




We also got to see them prep to shoot part of a commercial very close to the hotel and by the time we got back the shoot was done and our room was ready!



A shower and a nap became the next things on the agenda, so we slept from about 1630 to 2130, then went to go get dinner and get some pictures of the Brandenburg  gate at night.

Earl took his awesome camera and we got some great pictures, then went on a bit of an adventure to find somewhere that was still open and serving food at 2200 on a Sunday.

Nightime Brandenburger Tor

Night Brandenburg Gate

We found Tucher.  Earl and I both had Berlin favorites.  Earl had the Curry Wurst, which is a sausage with a ketchup sauce and then spiced with lots of curry powder.  It tastes better than it sounds.

Curry Wurst

Curry Wurst

They didn’t let Earl has his sausage until he told them what the shape of the curry powder made.  I had a potato soup and then we ordered an apple torte or cake with ice cream that was fantastic.

Apple cake

Yum! Apple Torte

A little after midnight we headed back to the hotel.  Now off to dream land!

Tucher Waiter

Waiter at Tucher


2 thoughts on “Sept 18 – Next landing Berlin!

  1. Jeanette…great BLOG!! Can’t wait until the next stop! 😉

    Posted by Ruthi | September 20, 2011, 7:38 AM
  2. Glad you made it to Berlin! Have fun!

    Posted by Jessica | September 20, 2011, 7:25 AM

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