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Berlin, RTW

Sept 21 – Hmmm, now what?

Stadtmitte u-Bahn

Earl at our favorite station - Stadtmitte

After seeing the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag innumerable times, we had to go back to the guidebook to see what areas we hadn’t hit in Berlin. As we were looking through, it looked like it would be Alexanderplatz. So we started out at our favorite U-Bahn Station – Stadtmitte. This was great since it was right next to the hotel and we could get quickly to Alexanderplatz. AlexanderPlatz is one of the few places that seemed not to be full or World War II history, but it does have the famous WeltZeitUhr (World Time Clock) and is very close to the Fernstehnum (TV Tower). Unbeknowst to us before we went to see these, is it also very close to the Berliner Rathaus and the Nikolaikirche which was originally built in the 1200s, so is one of the oldest building in Germany and the oldest in Berlin.

TV Tower and World Time Clock

TV Tower and World Time Clock

Berliner Rathaus

Berliner Rathaus


Oldest building in Berlin

After seeing all of Alexanderplatz, we walked back along the Spree River towards Museum Island. We had some ice cream at a place with a Tom Sawyer theme. After relaxing with a haselnuss (hazelnutt) cone, Earl and I sat on the steps of the Berliner Dom to decide the rest of the day.

We ultimately decided that the big things we hadn’t seen were one of the museums or Charlottenburg Palace, so we finally spent some time in West Berlin on our way to the palace. This is where we realized that our S-Bahn/U-Bahn navigation and map reading skills weren’t as impressive as we thought. After getting off at the Charlottenburg station and seeing on the map a helpfully named place as S. Charlottenburg (Schloss Charlottenburg) we went south on the map. Once we passed some exotic shops, a Bentley dealership and some apartments, we took a guess that we weren’t in the right spot. We stopped at the ubiquitous Einstein Kaffee, Earl got coke and a water and I took a look at the guidebook map again. Luckily enough were were close to an U-Bahn station and were able to get back on and take the 3 stops north to the Richard Wagner station and then were able to walk to the Schloss (Palace or Castle).

Charlottenburg Palace

Schloss Charlotenburg

After we paid for the ticket and Earl paid for a “picture pass”, we were led through the palace with a lovely, but often times long description of all of the rooms in the palace on the first and second floor. There were definitely some amazing rooms, including the aptly named “China Cabinet”, which was a room designed to display porcelain.

Finally, after I realized that my feet had just done another 15,000+ steps, we decided to end the day by going to KaDeWe again for dinner. In trying to find our way to the counters we saw yesterday, we actually found the candy section and the escalators up to the 7th floor where they have a huge buffet. After a Sprite with ice that was more expensive than Earl’s beer, we decided that we had seen what we wanted in Berlin and went back to the hotel for an early night.


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